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We understand the stress hair loss can have on Females. We are HERE to help!

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Our main service is Female hair transplant procedures however this treatment is not for everyone which is why we also offer alternative hair regrowth solutions. If you are suffering from female hair loss or hair thinning we can help.

We understand how female hair loss can effect your every day life which is why our experienced staff are understanding and compassionate about what you are going through.

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Female Hair Loss Clinic

Our Female Hair Transplant Clinic in Sheffield is a modern, well established female hair loss clinic. We look forward to helping you with your hair regrowth.

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We have highly experienced staff including trichologists who will be able to diognose your hair loss problem and offer the very best hair regrowth treatments available.

If you are suffering from hair thinning or hair balding getting in touch with us couldn’t be easier. Call the hair transplant clinic direct using the number above or Click on the Can I Help you Icon Below.

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What They Say

“Excellent clinic and fantastic staff – thank you so much for all your help and advice.”

“Hair thinning has been a real problem for me. I didn’t imagine anyone could help till I found yous.”

“I can’t believe the results. My hair transplant has went beyond my expectations – thanks everyone.”

“I started really noticing my hair loss a few years ago. Thankfully I wasn’t too late getting things sorted.”

Your female hair regrowth solution isn’t too far away!